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CRED Pay Days (October)


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Through CRED paydays,the focus was to drive traffic to the CRED application and guide the audience to understanding that CRED can be used for all bill payments.

About the Brand


CRED is an Indian fintech company, based in Bangalore. Founded in 2018 by Kunal Shah, it is a reward-based credit card payments and management app. CRED also facilitates users to gain short-term credit lines along with a single stop for all bill payments.



Target Audience

Age 25-45 years, targeting top cities of the country

Campaign Overview

Enable a deeper understanding among the audience that CRED is more than just a credit card bill payments app and communicated the key Message of getting rewards, benefits and how safe it is to pay through CRED.


Promoting the CRED app and the extra rewards one will get from making all payment from it, during World Cup season. 

Influencer Genre

Finance & Infotainment


Content Theme

 This festive season CRED campaign theme was to focus on Diwali and World Cup offers and how the users can get amazing rewards, cashbacks and even a chance to win Bikes, I-Phones,  all expense paid trip to Paris and what not! Thus, all the creators were briefed to integrate on the same lines.

Challenges Faced

to create intrigue, conversion and brag value while keeping the audience engaged in the dee per understanding of what CRED actually does, and get better at integrating content with the CRED’s theme

Top Creators

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