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ET Money Great Indian Investment Festival (October)


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With ET Money, we were able to deliver the audience with the way to invest smartly and do good for yourself. With this campaign, people were able to spend their money wisely as well.

About the Brand

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 ET Money has launched a first-of-its-kind Great India investment festival  In this festival, you get rewarded for doing good for yourself and your family. The rewards are worth over Rs. 20 lakhs and include special discounts, free Genius membership months, assured vouchers, daily prizes, cash transfers and a bumper prize!



Target Audience

Age 24-50, targeting investors and family who are looking to invest for the whole family! 

Campaign Overview

The agenda was to use ET Money and their great investment deals and get a genius membership at a very discounted price. Get amazing app deals and portfolio management through the application. Using the app, one will get assured returns, daily prizes and what not!


To help people invest wisely and earn better returns.

Influencer Genre

Finance & Infotainment


Content Theme

The aim is to promote the sale that is happening about the investments festival in which one will get good rewards worth Rs. 20 Lakhs, free genius membership months. 

Challenges Faced

to create intrigue, engaging yet effective deliverables which drives traffic to their application.!

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