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Niyo Global (October)


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With Niyo Global, we were able to deliver the audience with the cost saving currency exchange mechanism, get amazing deals on airports and pay seamlessly!

About the Brand

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Niyo Global is a flagship product from Niyo. It was first launched in

2018 as a travel card in partnership with DCB Bank, and now with SBM Bank. It is a category creator and very popular among avid travellers because of its primary feature - zero forex markup across the world.



Target Audience

Age 24-50 years, targeting international travellers and student travellers.

Campaign Overview

The agenda was to promote the zero forex markup amongst people who travel a lot and pay high amounts in exchanging the currency. Moreover, to make people aware about the Niyo global card and the rewards you get from it, and their security features as well. 


To make Niyo Global a prime leader in Travel and Forex industry 

Influencer Genre

Finance, Education, Infotainment and Travel


Content Theme

to make people aware of the high markups they pay, and how they are paying so much for just exchanging the money from another currency, the amount getting reduced of your favourite gadgets such as IPhone, MacBook on its purchase from the Niyo Global card.

Challenges Faced

to create intrigue, engaging yet effective deliverables which provides conversions on the app!

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