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About us

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Finnet Media is a team of aspirers, dreamers, and enthusiasts!

The company was founded by Ayush Shukla in 2021, an entrepreneur at heart, a podcast host, marketer, content creator, and also recognized as LinkedIn's Top Voice 2022. 

The driving force behind  Finnet Media is to provide the best quality content and services to millions of social media users!

Right from content strategizing to brand collaborations to creator partnerships, we are there for you! 

Finnet Media works effortlessly to enhance the quality of content and content creators alike!

Our short-term vision is to build a strong team and a brand based on trust and credibility. Our core value is to build an environment of trust, credibility, reliability, and growth.

Value creation at Finnet Media

Value creation is one of the most important things that the current creation needs. Finnet media always prioritise efficiency, execution, and performance without decreasing content quality. We build communities, we outline possibilities.

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Scalability is their main strategic objective. They want to make sure no content producer associated with finnet media should have to be concerned about their financial stability, content monetization, or content distribution.


Finnet Media's mission is to generate new ideas, encourage young people to be more creative, and assist you to become a brand.


Since our inception, we have not only been able to collaborate with the top innovators, but we have also developed better partnerships with the companies that influence people's culture.


All thanks to the team's quality work, perseverance, and the confidence of our stakeholders and investors.

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